A Guide to Sexy Thai Massage in Stockholm

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If you want a Thai Massage in Stockholm then there are plenty to choose from.

Sweden’s capital city has over 300 Asian massage parlours most offering Thai massage but only one in five reporting to offer a happy ending.

We take a look at why there is no advertising for a rub and tug service in Stockholm and how to find a Thai masseur who is willing to go a bit further for a tip.

Thai and Asian Massage Parlours (AMPs)

Erotic massage is not illegal in Sweden but the buying and selling of sexual services is. This makes advertising a little tricky and, whilst there are Thai massage parlours in Stockholm that provide ‘extra’, they can be hard to find.

For more information on the erotic massage scene in Stockholm you can find our full guide here.

If you simply want to find a Thai massage parlour then they are easy to locate. Look for the Thai flag accompanying the words ‘massage’ or ‘massera’ and you will be in the right place. There are almost 100 located in the city itself with a further 100 to the south, 70 to the north and 40 to the west in Västerort.

If you are looking for erotic massage then those situated out of the centre of the city are generally more open to an adult arrangement, particularly the one-woman outfits instead of the larger salons.

thai massage stockholm

With over 300 Thai massage parlours, the Swedes love Thai body rubs. Image via Pixabay.

How Much is a Thai Massage in Stockholm?

You can expect to pay anywhere from 300 SEK (€31) to 600 SEK (€63) for a Thai massage in Stockholm with the average being around 400 SEK (€42) per hour. Bear in mind that this is the standard advertised fee and, if you hit pay dirt with a willing masseuse then you can expect to pay double this price for any extras.

What Can You Expect from a Thai Massage?

Owing to the illegality of paid sexual services the chances of getting a full service or a blow job with your massage are extremely unlikely so be prepared for a rub and tug to put a smile on your face.

Most of the parlours operate a closed-door business meaning that you can’t simply walk in off the street; rather, you will need to ring the front door bell and be met by the hostess. It is her job to determine whether customers are ‘genuine’ or simply looking for a happy ending massage. Be prepared to be turned away if she thinks that you are a sex tourist. It’s nothing personal and does save time for both of you, they usually just say they are ‘fully booked’. Again, those located in the city are more likely to do this. In fact, some of the larger spas are open-door with a reception and waiting area; these are less likely to be amenable to ‘negotiation’ on their standard services.

When you get lucky, and you will, you will pay for your hour or half hour and be shown to a room with a massage table where you will be left to get undressed before laying face down on the table.

thai massage bedroom stockholm

Not all Asian Massage Parlours give a happy ending so be discreet. Image via Flickr.

When your masseuse comes in, expect her to be discreet and to start the massage with your back and shoulders. After 10-15 minutes, she will have made her way down to your thighs. If you have them clamped together then she may assume you are not interested; however, if there is some access between your thighs then she may ‘accidentally’ touch your balls and linger for a while in the area. You can expect her to ask you to turn over; if you have a hard on then she may comment and suggest massaging it for you. If you don’t then she may work around the area until you do.

Anything that happens next is between you and the masseur and you will need to settle a price so, if things are going well, ask her how much to massage your penis and see what she says.

Discretion is assured as neither you nor she want any publicity about what goes on behind the closed door of your massage room.

A lot of Thai massage parlours in Stockholm have shower facilities so you can leave clean and fully refreshed.

Stockholm’s Thai Massage Parlours

There are over 300 Thai parlours offering their services across the city of Stockholm from large parlours employing several women to individuals who operate from a room in their house. With the magic number being one in five offering happy endings, that means there are at least 60 places you can go to get a rub and tug in Stockholm.

As previously advised, there is a distinct lack of advertising on sexual services at Thai massage parlours anywhere in Sweden owing to the laws. Discretion is therefore highly recommended and we would suggest that you make a subtle enquiry before making an appointment at any of the suggested parlours below. Ownership and management can change as can the willingness of any salon to perform these services. However, the following listings are all possible sources of a rub and tug with your Thai massage.

Bangkok Thai Massage

Tegnérlunden 1 111 61 Stockholm


Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm and Sundays until 6pm, the Bangkok Thai Massage parlour has private rooms with comfortable bed. You can get a half hour massage from 300 SEK (€31).


Kommunalvägen 30 14162 Huddinge


Open until 8pm seven days a week you can get a massage with a shower and a private room from 350 SEK (€36.50) for an hour.

lotus thai massage stockholm

The Lotus Thai Massage Parlour, Image via Google Earth.

May Thai Massage

Stopvägen 106 168 36 Bromma

With three Thai girls operating across four different rooms this new salon has showers to refresh before and after your service. Open seven days a week from 10am to 8pm, a half hour session will cost 250 SEK (€26).

Bot & Touch Massage

Midgårdvägen 8 136 46 Handen

Open from 9am to 9pm seven days a week you can get a half hour Thai massage from 200 SEK (€20).

Lucky Massage

Dalagatan 31 113 23 Stockholm

A new salon so let us know how you get on with your enquiries. The parlour is open from 10am to 8pm, weekdays and until 7pm at the weekend. A half hour massage will cost you 250 SEK (€26).

Moo Thai Massage

Råstensgatan 12 172 70 Sundbyberg

Offering a half hour massage at 250 SEK (€26), Moo Thai is clean and hygienic with comfortable beds Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm and Sunday from midday to 5pm, the ladies here are very skilled.



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