Swingfields: The UK’s Biggest Lifestyle Festival?

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Looking for a summer swinging event in the UK?

Now in its sixth year, Swingfields is the largest lifestyle festival in the UK and one of the biggest in Europe. Held over three days, the event is open for members of the swinging community as well as those people who identify as LGBTQI or have links to the fetish community. The whole festival is geared around diversity and respect and celebrates this unique culture with a party atmosphere.

In this feature review, we take a closer look at the UK’s lifestyle festival, Swingfields and give you all the details you need to plan your weekend.

What is Swingfields?

The ‘original and biggest independent lifestyle event of the year’, Swingfields was launched in 2013 and was a sell-out success, entertaining all 250 guests. The 2014 event was expanded and sold out again to an audience of 400 people.  2015 and 2016 were also both huge successes and were each attended by 700 guests.

swingfields uks biggest lifestyle festival lgbtq

The 2019 Swingfields festival is the 6th such event in the UK and is one of the biggest in Europe.

After a year off in 2017, the 2018 event returned to great fanfare and was enjoyed by another record number of party-goers.

The 2019 Swingfields festival is due to take place at the beginning of July and is expected to be another well-attended celebration of the lifestyle, irrespective of sexual orientation.

The event is known for its diversity and is founded on the concept of respect. As a result, the weekends are enjoyed by large sections of the LGBTQI and Fet communities as well as couples who like to swing.

The 2018 event (‘Sunrise’) featured acts such as DJ Nippa and events organised by the Pantie Purse, Eureka Parties and The Playgrounds. The same sponsors have been invited to this year’s event and there will be live bands, club DJs, entertainment and comedy. You can also expect similar events to the 2018 festival such as jelly wrestling and wet T-shirt competitions.

Swingfields 2019 is being called ‘Aurora’ (or, ‘The Dawn’) and will have a great range of food vendors and bars as well as some boutique shopping pop-ups. There will also be several hot tubs for guests to enjoy short sessions in.

This year will also see more relaxation zones, more indoor areas and some special surprise entertainment. Lastly, there will be some demonstrations and workshops around the site for some educational value thrown in!

sf2019 swingers festival

Does sex take place at Swingfields? Do bears crap around trees?

Addressing the elephant in the room….this is not an excuse for one massive orgy and the event has very strict rules about nudity (no nakedness from the waist down in any public areas). However, it is well known that people have sex at festivals and make no mistake that it happens at Swingfields too. Safe sex is promoted and the event has plenty of private areas and relaxation zones where this can take place more discreetly. It is worth pointing out at this juncture that the site’s organisers have a strict ‘No Mobile Phones’ policy to avoid any pics being taken and they will also be deploying anti-drone technology to safeguard their guests’ privacy.

How Much Are Tickets to Swingfields?

Tickets to the Swingfields event are currently being charged as follows and may be booked online using the Eventbrite website:

  • 3 Day Couples Tickets: £215 plus £17.36 booking fee.
  • 3 Day Single Gents Ticket: £195 plus £15.80 booking fee (see below for details of limitations)
  • 3 Day Ladies Ticket: £120 plus £9.95 booking fee
  • 2 Day Couples Ticket: £195 plus £15.80 booking fee
  • 2 Day Single Gents Ticket: £170 plus £13.85 booking fee
  • 2 Day Single Ladies Ticket: £112.50 plus £9.36 booking fee

Advance hot tub tickets are priced at £17.50 (plus £1.96 booking fee) per 30-minute session.

Bell tents may be booked for glamping and include a 3 day couples ticket for a total of £415 plus a £32.96 booking fee. Not including ticket entry, the tents cost £299 for hire only.

Guests must come from the lifestyle, LGBT or fet community and they are reminded that the event is private. All guests should be registered and verified on Fab Swingers in order to receive their tickets.

Sharing might, indeed, be caring but it is also common at Springfields.

Tickets are limited so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. It should also be pointed out that the number of tickets issued for single guys is restricted to just 10% of the overall ticket sales. This is to ensure a good ratio of men to women, couples and members of the LGBTQI community.

Please note that the event is not open to members of the general public nor any press. This is a dedicated event for followers of the lifestyle and, as such, is a private festival.

When is Swingfields?

The 2019 Swingfields festival will be held on the weekend of 4th July 2019 to 7th July 2019.

Guests can enter the site from midday on Thursday 4th July and the event closes at midday on Sunday 7th July.

Where is Swingfields Held?

Held in a secure site with full perimeter security, the Swingfields festival will once again take place at a private location which is expected to be in the Gloucestershire area. The exact location will be revealed to ticket holders 48 hours before the event is due to start. This is to safeguard the privacy of the event and to avoid media attention.

All guests are reminded to bring along photo ID with their ticket to guarantee entry to the site.

lifestyle festival swingfields 2019

Swingfields: A celebration of THE lifestyle and alternative ones too.

Is There Accommodation at Swingfields?

Ticket prices included a space for tents, campers and camper vans. However, it should be pointed out that there are no facilities for chemical toilets or electrical connections.

The 2019 Swingfields festival will also include some Bell Tents that are being put on by the organisers for those guests who would prefer to ‘glamp’. These options include heating, electrics and bedding/furnishings. If you are interested in this option then you will need to book ahead by contacting the festival organisers. Additional charges apply (see above).

There are well-appointed and, by festival standards, luxurious shower facilities within the festival site itself.

Swingfields: Contact Details

You can find out further information on the Swingfields festival event via the organiser’s website and social media profiles, as follows:

Alternatively, you can contact the event organisers via email on enquiries@swingfields.co.uk

All featured images via the Swingfields website and social media profiles.

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