Netherlands vs Germany: Which Has the Best Adult Entertainment?

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Want to know which European country has the best adult entertainment out of the Netherlands and Germany?

Home of the most infamous red-light district in the world, De Wallen in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has a reputation for having the best adult entertainment in Europe. However, much has changed since the 1970s and there are now many countries who can lay claim to equally prominent red-light areas, iconic adult entertainment venues and diverse sex scenes. One of the most popular and well-known is that of Germany.

In this feature, we pit the Netherlands head-to-head with Germany across all areas of adult entertainment to see which nation has the hottest sex scenes.

Netherlands vs Germany: The Stats

To get to the bottom of this battle, we’ve selected some key indices to compare Germany to the Netherlands to find out which country has the best adult entertainment. Whilst some of these are based on statistics, other elements have been judged using more subjective criteria.

Red Light Districts

Red-light districts are the life blood of any city’s sex scene and are the heart of where adult entertainment can be found. Both Germany and the Netherlands have legalised areas in their cities where you can find a whole range of brothels, running houses, strip clubs and live sex shows as well as massage parlours, swingers clubs and sex shops.


With Amsterdam as the jewel in Holland’s crown, the Netherlands already has a global reputation for vice. The city has three red light districts (De Wallen, de Pijp and Singel),

de wallen amsterdam red light district

De Wallen in Amsterdam is one of the most famous red light districts in the world. Image via Wikimedia.

However, the Netherlands also has many other cities with red light areas. Some have closed down in recent years leaving only the following major cites with prominent red-light districts:

  • Almaar (Achterdam)
  • Deventer (Bokkingshang)
  • Roerstraat (Doetinchem)
  • Eindhoven (Baekelandplein)
  • Haarlem
  • Groninghen
  • Nijmegen (New Market)
  • The Hague (Hunsestraat and Geleenstraat)
  • Leeuwarden

There are some obvious gaps on this list of major cities where there is no longer an operational red-light district including Rotterdam, Utrecht and Tilburg.


Hamburg’s Reepherbahn is almost as famous as De Wallen in Amsterdam and is home to one of Europe’s most iconic red-light areas. Though not a large area compared to De Wallen and other German cities, the Reeperbahn is an historic centre of vice and is still a big tourist attraction.

reeperbahn germany red light district

The Reeperbahn in Hamburg flies the Red-Light flag for Germany. Image via Wikipedia.

Most German cities have their own designated red-light areas with the largest and most famous being as follows:

  • Aachen (Antoniusstraße)
  • Augsburg (Hasengasse)
  • Berlin (Bulowstraße, Kurfürstenstraße, Oranienburger Straße and Stuttgarter Platz)
  • Bielefeld (Eckendorferstraße)
  • Bochum (Im Winkel)
  • Bonn (Immenburgstraße)
  • Braunschweig (Bruchstraße)
  • Bremen (Helenenstraße)
  • Bremerhaven (Lessingstraße)
  • Cologne (Hornstraße)
  • Darmstadt (Bismarckstraße)
  • Dortmund (Linienstraße)
  • Duisburg (Vulkanstraße_
  • Düsseldorf (Hinter dem Bahndamm)
  • Essen (Stahlstraße)
  • Flensburg (Oluf-Samsons-Gang)
  • Frankfurt (Bahnhofsvierte)
  • Hagen (Düppenbeckerstraße)
  • Hamburg (St. Georg & St. Pauli, Reeperbahn)
  • Hannover (Am Steintor and Ludwigstraße)
  • Karlsruhe (Brunnenstraße)
  • Kiel (Wall am Hafen)
  • Mannheim (Lupinenstraße)
  • Minden (Rampenloch)
  • Munich (Landsberger Str)
  • Nuremberg (Frauentormauer)
  • Oberhausen (Flaßhofstraße[
  • Stuttgart (Leonhardsviertel)

All of Germany’s most populous cities have a red-light area and many other central tourist destinations too.

Winner: Netherlands vs Germany: Red Light Districts

We declare Germany the winner of this one. Though the country has a population almost five times the size of the Netherlands, Germany has more of its major cities covered by good red-light areas. These districts are well known, well located and active.


When it comes to adult fun, nothing determines the extent of the entertainment more than if prostitution is legalised. We compare the sex trade of the Netherlands and Germany to see who has the best and biggest markets.


Prostitution in the Netherlands is legal and is widespread across the country with most cities offering plenty of brothels for adult entertainment. It is estimated that around €680 million is generated from the sex trade in the Netherlands. Current guesstimates at the number of prostitutes working in the country range from 20,000 to 35,000.

With a population of 17 million people, the ratio of prostitutes to Dutch citizens is 1:486 with the prostitution industry representing 0.09% of the country’s GDP.

prostitution netherlands vs germany

Prostitution is such a key part of Amsterdam’s culture that there is even a museum dedicated to it. Image via Wikimedia.


Prostitution is also legalised in Germany and you can find plenty of licensed and regulated brothels across the country in all major towns and cities.

The sex business is huge in Germany with almost 400,000 prostitutes thought to be working in the country. In total, it is estimated that the prostitution industry generates €15.3 billion each year making it the 4th largest economy of its kind in the world (behind China, Spain and Japan).

To put this into context, with a population of 82 million people, the ratio of prostitutes to citizens is 1:205 with the prostitution industry representing 0.52% of GDP.

Winner: Netherlands vs Germany: Prostitution

Prostitution Legal?YesYes
No of Prostitutes35,000400,000
Prostitutes per Capita1:4861:205
Prostitution Revenue€680 million€15.3 billion
Prostitution % GDP0.09%0.52%

For sheer volume, Germany is the winner for this category with more than double the number of sex workers per capita than the Netherlands. The industry also generates almost six times more income making it either a busier industry or a more profitable one for Germany.


You can find brothels in both Germany and the Netherlands and most cities and towns have a fair number to service locals and tourists. Wherever you are staying in either country, you are never more than an hour away from a brothel.

In Germany, they favour larger bordellos often called Eros Centres. They are arranged like apartment blocks or hotels with a central lobby and clients can walk around the building, taking their pick of the available ladies. Women often convene in the lobby, wait outside their rooms or use a traffic light system above their doors with a green light to indicate that they are free. They are also known as laufhauses.

There are also super-size brothels as well which incorporate entertainment facilities within the building such as a night club, strip bar and even spa provisions. The largest of these can be found in Cologne; the Paradise Mega Brothel. Covering a space of 5,500 sq. m, up to 150 prostitutes can be found on site.

german brothels vs netherlands

The Paradise Mega Brothel in Stuttgart is Europe’s largest flagship bordello. Image via Paradise.

The Netherlands is well known for its brothels but most of these are boutique style bordellos or, similar to the laufhauses of Germany, running houses. You can find most brothels in Amsterdam or the Hague with a few others dotted around the country.

Winner: Netherlands vs Germany: Brothels

There is no competition here with Germany having far more brothels than the Netherlands, a greater variety of sizes and types plus a wider network across the country.

Sex Clubs

Germany has a lot of FKK clubs which are large sex saunas similar to a brothel. Run as nudist spas, they attract a lot of men as well as some women. The clubs have female staff who are paid to entertain guests or from whom you can purchase additional sexual services on site. Some clubs offer a single entry fee during which time you can have sex with as many women as you like whilst others allow you to run up your own tab during your visit.

Like Germany, the Netherlands also has a sub culture of sex clubs where guests can pay to enjoy sex in a spa setting. However, there are far fewer of these in Holland and none are anywhere near the size you might expect of the FKK clubs in Germany.

Winner: Netherlands vs Germany: Sex Clubs

For sheer size and diversity of sex clubs on offer, Germany walks away with this category too.

Strip Clubs

You can find strip clubs in most cities in both Germany and the Netherlands with the former having a much higher density.

strip clubs germany vs netherlands

Germany has a lot of great strip clubs including Berlin’s Rush Hour. Image via website.

Whilst Germany has a larger number of strip clubs, both countries have a good diversity of kinds of venue. However, Germany has a much more casual approach in general and these adult entertainment clubs tend to be less elite than those you might find in Norway and less like the British gentleman’s clubs.

By contrast, a lot of the Dutch strip clubs are far more casual and a lot smaller; more like lap dancing bars or pubs with a strip act.

Winner: Netherlands vs Germany: Strip Clubs

There are exceptions to both generalisations made above but by and large Germany has a far greater number of strip clubs with a more diverse offering.

Swingers Clubs

Swinging is popular in both countries and you can find swingers clubs across Germany and the Netherlands.

Germany has around 130 clubs whilst the Netherlands has around 20.

Winner: Netherlands vs Germany: Swingers Clubs

Although Germany is much larger and has a bigger population, there are still far more opportunities for swingers here than in the Netherlands. Another victory for the Germans.


The price of sex in both countries varies enormously depending on what you are looking for, where (and when) you are picking up as well as the kind of establishment you are visiting. In general, prices are pretty similar though some major German cities are known for being more expensive including Berlin.

On average the cost of an escort is around the €150/hour mark with a quickie from a prostitute being €30-€50. Brothels will cost you between €50 and €100 whilst entrance fees to a sex club can be as low as €60.

As we said, there is a huge range of prices and you can find more details in our individual country and city guides using the menu above.

Winner: Netherlands vs Germany: Prices

We’re going to call this one an honourable draw.

germany vs netherlands adult entertainment

Who has the best adult entertainment out of the Netherlands or Germany? We’ll give you a clue…Image via Pixabay.

Which Country Wins?

Despite its provenance and infamous reputation, Amsterdam might be the only city in the Netherlands with adult entertainment worth visiting for. The Hague and some other cities can provide a handful of options but, overall, Holland might just be a one-trick pony when it comes to providing a true red-light experience.

Germany, the winner in most of our categories, romps home as the outright champion of the adult entertainment world. Deservedly so, the country offers a far more diverse range of entertainment options.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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