The Kildare Escorts Guide

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There are no escort agencies situated in Kildare but don’t let that stop you from using the services of some class independent girls.

From across the county, Kildare to Naas, Athy to Newbridge there is a girl willing to travel as long as you as you are willing to pay.

We’ve given you several sites where you can make contact quickly to arrange an escort in Kildare.

County Kildare in the mid-east of Ireland is only an hour or so from Dublin so you always have a choice on paying a bit extra for the travel expenses of one of the city girls. However, Kildare is served by a few dozen working European and Irish girls of its own so check out what’s on offer.

You can expect to pay around €180 for an hour with an escort in the Kildare area with a 15-30 minute ‘quickie’ being charged at around €50-€100.

Irish Punters

Irish Punters is a great directory of escorts in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In Kildare the site has 12 escorts listed, none of whom are Irish. We’ve given you a little summary of what you can find on offer. There is a good range of nationalities, ages and services available though no prices are quoted on the site.

Escort Name Nationality Age Service Type On Offer
Adalind Colombian 27 In Call only Massage
Diana Greek 25 In Call/Out Call Full Service & Extras
Erica Spanish 23 In Call/Out Call Full Service & Extras
Kristina French 27 In Call/Out Call Massage
Luana Brazilian 43 In Call only Full Service & Extras
Stella Ukrainian 31 In Call/Out Call Full Service
Alessia Italian 21 In Call/Out Call Full Service & Extras
Emma Sweet Bulgarian 34 In Call/Out Call Full Service & Extras
Erika Spanish 18 In Call/Out Call Full Service & Extras
Livan Chinese 26 In Call/Out Call Full Services/Limited extras
German 39 In Call/Out Call Dominatrix Services
Tania Colombian 28 In Call only Full Service & Extras

The site has plenty of photos but a limited amount of detail available for each escort. The best amount of detail is in the confirmation of services available. For a full review of the Irish Punters site you can read our review, here.

irish punters adalind

The pictures on Irish Punters promise great things. Image via website.

Escort Ireland

There are 13 female escorts listed for the Kildare area on Escort Ireland, most of whom are duplicates of those found on Irish Punters. We’ve summarised the ones that are different below:

Escort Name Nationality Age Service Type On Offer
Bianca Brazilian 41 In Call/Out Call Full Service & Extras

Escort Ireland differs from Irish Punters by having reviews available and a lot more detail including personal details, message and full bio and stats. The peer to peer review system means that you can get an indication of how well recommended an escort is before making a booking. If punters would use her services again then she’s got to be doing something right.

escort ireland gyulia

Professional HD photos should make choosing an escort in Kildare easier. Image via Escort Ireland.

Ireland Escorts

The Ireland Escorts site links straight to the website, a site offering people various opportunities for earning extra cash, as long as they are prepared to perform ‘adult’ roles. Some of the work on this website can be things like life modelling, webcam shows, erotic chat but also escorts.

There are four female escorts currently registered as providing services in Kildare and all of them are Irish!

Escort Name Nationality Age Service Type On Offer
Tina Irish 42 Out Calls Full Service only
‘candyfuck’ Irish 35 Out Calls Full Service only
Miss Dearg Irish 29 Out Calls Dominatrix
‘really bliss’ Irish 22 Out Calls Full Service only

What the site offers over other listings directories is listing authenticity as all members must be validated. The authenticity of ads can be called into question which gives you a heads up if something is a waste of time. To that end, ‘really bliss’ has had her listing called in to question so exercise caution if you fancy following her ad up.

UK Adult Zone

There is just one female escort listed on the UK Adult Zone but she is a different lady than the other sites so we thought we’d include her. You’ll need to sign up to make contact with Neha Sharma and her rates are advertised in Indian Rupees (equiv. to €215 per hour) so good luck with that. If you have any joy, do let us know.

Viva Street

A classified directory, you can find a couple of dated listings on here that may still be in service. There are one or two gents in the mix but otherwise the girls are different to those advertised on the other sites so far.

viva street kildare escorts ireland

Escorts on Viva Street is like curb crawling from your laptop. Image via Viva Street.


Locanto’s personals section is usually a good go-to place for escort listings that can be a bit cheaper than in other places. This is usually because the ladies on Locanto are either new to the business and don’t know where to advertise or don’t want to spend money advertising; the benefit is you get a lower rate.

The downside with Locanto is there is no way to verify the authenticity of any of the ads so you have to take your chances.

Featured image is via the Escorts Ireland Website.

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