Blue Night Barcelona: Inside The Adult Super Club

Looking for a magical strip club in Barcelona that will make your fantasies come true?

With more than 60 strippers on call every night, Blue Night Barcelona is a modern adult night club in the heart of Catalonia’s capital city. Popular with locals and international visitors, the venue is designed around a large central hall themed on a magical fantasy forest where dancers cavort to entertain guests.  With a reputation for vibrancy, beautiful dancers and sexy nights out, the Blue Night club also provides more intimate themed rooms for some one-on-one action.

In this review we take a closer look at the Blue Night Strip Club in Barcelona including full details of where to find it, what to expect and just what makes this gentleman’s lounge an ‘adult super club’.

Experience Blue Nights in Barcelona’s Adult Super Club

The Blue Night strip club in Barcelona is a hot spot for adult entertainment and is open nightly to welcome guests for a sexy and sensual experience. With a central theme of a fantasy forest, the club features organic trees and low hanging lights between which saucy nymphs try to tempt visitors to experience more intimate encounters.

barcelona strip club blue night vip room

It’s a popular little club with some extra spaces for one-on-one moments to enjoy and they host regular events as well as providing a great space for parties, especially stag dos. They even host sporting themed evenings to coincide with local events including big football matches held at Camp Nou or the Spanish Grand Prix at the Catalunya Circuit.

The city has more than a dozen gentleman’s clubs and this one rates pretty highly with customers, achieving a rating on Google Reviews of 4.2 stars from 230+ reviews…..which isn’t bad.

In terms of a unique selling point, the club isn’t huge but it is always jam-packed with dancers and they have a reputation for being some of the finest looking ladies in the city. Not only that but they work hard to help maintain a party atmosphere and there are very very few reviews where guests haven’t had the time of their life. In fact, the only complaints seem to be over the charges. Strip clubs in Europe are expensive. Period. The people who seem to be complaining don’t sound as though they have been to many gentleman’s clubs. These girls are not paid a fortune just to dance in small pants, they need to make the guests pay for their way. They do this by teasing, tormenting and tempting you to part with your cash to enjoy something only they can offer you. If you don’t want to pay for this privilege then you should probably head to a bog-standard night club!

As well as the main hall, there are several smaller areas, including:

The Cabin VIP Room

If you are looking to book a special night out in Barcelona then the club has a great VIP area. Known as The Cabin, this is an elegant and ‘grown-up’ space that offers an intimate way to enjoy some private time with a dancer (or dancers) of your choice.

barcelon strip club blue night vip room
The Cabin VIP Room.

The Cabin comes with a rotating bar and karaoke as well as a small stage and dancing pole. There is even a private bathroom so you really don’t have to mix with the ‘hoi polloi’ on your special night out.

Prices for the VIP Room hire are available on request.

Pirate Ship Room

Yes, there is a private play area here at Blue Nights that is themed like a pirate ship. It might not be the most traditional adult fun zone but you can certainly find some treasure and have some wet adventures with these girls!

Roman Room

Another themed private play zone, this one is fitted with a four posted bed and decorated with lavish murals invoking all of the hedonism of a Roman orgy.

The Eden Room

Aptly named for its theme around the Garden of Eden, this pleasure zone is where you get to try the forbidden fruit yourself. Fitted with a large bed and organic ‘trees’ growing out of the walls, it is a sensual nook where you will be tempted to sin.

barcelon strip club blue night eden room
The Eden Room.

The Blue Night Girls

The girls at Blue Night are pretty diverse in terms of their backgrounds and though there are some Spanish ladies, you will also find South and Central American, Latina, Eastern and Western European as well as some more international faces.

Each night there are between 40 and 60 dancers on the rota with some performing on the main stage whilst others will be working the floor for lap dances and private sessions. Some have been with the club for many years and have a local following of loyal and ardent fans.

Alexa is one such girl and who has a reputation for being a fiery feminist with a voluptuous body, exotic looks and a steamy passion. An expert in the bartop dance, Alexa is joined by regulars Gins the pole dancing specialist, Moon, Anny, Joselyn and Camila an expert in the seductive art of a real strip tease.

Another popular dancer is Karla who likes to be the soul of the party and who puts on a colourful performance in the style of Moulin Rouge. And finally, Mary who has been with the club over four years and knows exactly how to keep guests happy.

barcelon strip club blue night barcelona strip club review
Talented, beautiful and eager to please, the girls at Blue Night are in competition for your attention…..and money!

Each of the ladies will negotiate with you separately on what a dance and more will cost and, like many European strip clubs, there isn’t a hard and fast rule on what you will be charged. Some will ask for €50 for a private dance whilst others may try to get double this and, when it comes to private time, the charges can get even more loopy. The bottom line is to fix a price and be clear over what this is paying for.

Blue Night Barcelona: Prices

Standard entry to the Blue Night strip club is charged at €20 which includes two free beers or €30 for entry with two free cocktails. For a cost of €50, you can get entrance to the club with drinks plus they will even pick you up in their luxury Tesla.

Blue Night Barcelona: Opening Times

The Blue Night Barcelona is open daily from 9.30pm to 6.00am.

Where To Find Blue Night Barcelona

The Blue Night Club can be found in the West of the city of Barcelona in an area known as Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, close to the Plaza Catalunya. The full address is Carrer de Beethoven, 15, 08021 Barcelona, Spain.

It’s one of the city’s more ‘festive’ areas and lends itself nicely to an adult night out.

The club offers pick up services from within the city but you can also reach the venue via public transport being a short walk from the Diagonal – Ganduxer bus stop (stop ID 524).

blue night barcelona strip club review
Events like big football matches provide a focus for the club’s entertainment.

Blue Night Barcelona: More Information

You can find further details about this strip club via their Official Website or visit their social media pages for up to date information on current and upcoming events:

All featured images via Blue Night Barcelona.

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