A Guide to Dublin Hookers and Street Prostitutes

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Though prostitution in Ireland is legal pretty much every activity surrounding the sex trade is not.

Operating a brothel, pimping, soliciting in public and even advertising in print publications are all strictly prohibited.

You might think this would make for a small and dwindling Dublin red light district, but you’d be wrong. In this guide, we’ll look at the current hot spots for Dublin street prostitution, as well as some roads frequented by Dublin hookers and whores.

An Overview of Street Prostitution in Dublin

Dublin Red Light Districts: Where to find hooker and whores?

Dublin Red Light Districts: Where to find hooker and whores?

With the overhaul of the Sexual Offences Bill, paying a prostitute for services is illegal although the act itself is not.

It’s a grey area so soliciting for sex, especially on the street, carries risks not limited to STIs and STDs.

However, the appeal of picking a girl up from the streets or crawling the kerbs is part of the thrill for many Irish punters and some of these men just prefer their pick-ups to be a little more, well, ‘old school’.

It wasn’t always this way.

The sex trade in Ireland boomed in red light districts up until the 1920s with the Monto area gaining a reputation as the sex capital of Europe. At its peak it was estimated that around 1600 street whores plied their trade in Monto. Immortalised by the writer, James Joyce, in his classic, ‘Ulysses’, Monto was a major feel good factor for the British Army.

There are no such areas in Dublin anymore yet there are places to find stress prostitutes who walk the roads to secure customers…you just need to know where to look. In fact, with an estimated 2000 sex workers in Dublin today, it shouldn’t be hard to find one at all.

If that’s your kind of thing.

Most sex workers are now using the internet to tout their services as an escort; not only can this be safer but it also allows them to keep their customers on the right side of the law.

As ever, you can also pay for sex at massage parlours that are keen to earn some extra money for happy endings. But what if you want to pick up a street hooker?

Street Prostitutes in Dublin

So, whilst there are no ‘official’ red light areas in the city the best places to find good hookers and whores on the street are around the Baggott Street, Fitzwilliam Square and the Grand Canal areas. There are also known to be streetwalkers that hang around Arbour Hill and Burlington Road.

There is some evidence that the hookers working on Pepper Pot church on Mount Street and Lad Lane have gotten themselves a bad reputation for stealing — so be warned.

Leeson Street has long had a reputation for its illegal brothels and seedy massage parlours, as a result there are usually street workers roaming around hoping to intercept a customer on his way through.

It is also a safe bet that if you visit Secret Paradise, the sex shop on Wellington Quay that opens 24 hours from Wednesday to Friday that you can get approached on the way out.

There’s no better advert for a man in need of servicing than one who walks out of a sex shop with just a magazine.

The average cost for half an hour with a hooker picked up from the street is €150 for intercourse with the cheapest being around €80. You can expect to pay around €30 for a handjob and €60 for a blowjob.

The best time to find a Dublin hooker is from the early evening (particularly once it gets dark) to the early hours of the morning.

Finding Dublin Hookers

There are known to be sex workers operating out of the IFSC apartment building down by the harbour and charging as little as €60 for half an hour, full intercourse. However, there has been some news attention on this location so hanging around might make you a little vulnerable.

You can use the power of the internet to hook up with a prostitute who runs her own one-woman brothel and there are plenty of websites that advertise the services of escorts in Dublin.

One of the best local websites is:

Escort Ireland

Probably the largest database of sex workers in the country, Escort Ireland allows you to pinpoint an exact location of where you want to be. You can filter by age, rates and whether you want an in-call or an out-call. Rates range from quickies at €80-€100 up to an hour from €120-€260.

Sessions are advertised as erotic massage, escorts for ‘intimate company’ or kinky sessions with a dominatrix. As consensual sex between adults the payment is for the escort element and does not contravene the laws.

The database is free to browse and offers you a full biography of the hookers you look at including contact details, rates and personal information. There is also a section on the type of services offered as well as ratings based on current reviews. With a strong peer to peer profiling system there is less chance of arranging to meet a stunner and being met by a bag lady.


As ever, the popular Backpage and Craigslist also offer personal classifieds from escorts.

Have you used a Dublin hooker in the past?

Where did you find her and how was the experience?


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